PM 6/04 (1) Decision‐support scheme for import and release of biological control agents of plant pests
Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin

2018 - Vol. 48 - n° 3 - pag. 352-367
Authors: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization

This Standard is based on ISPM 11 (FAO, 2013) Pest risk analysis for quarantine pests, ISPM 3 (FAO, 2005) Guidelines for the export, shipment, import and release of biological control agents and other beneficial organisms, EPPO Standard PM 5/3 (EPPO, 2011) Decision‐support scheme for quarantine pests and EPPO Standard PM 6/2 (EPPO, 2014) Import and release of non‐indigenous biological control agents. It provides detailed instructions for the following elements of environmental impact assessment (EIA) for biological control agents (BCAs) of plant pests (including pathogens): initiation, probability of BCA establishment and spread in the impact assessment area (IAA), and assessment of potential positive and negative environmental consequences. The Standard provides an express scheme which may produce a rapid result. A full scheme follows for use where the express scheme does not lead to a sufficiently clear recommendation. The decision‐support scheme (DSS) is based on a sequence of questions to decide whether the introduction of a BCA could cause unwanted environmental effects and the likelihood and impact of such effects, and also to compare these with the likelihood and impact of potential positive environmental effects in reducing pest populations and the need for other pest control measures. Expert judgement may be required when answering the questions. Assessors may need to call on expertise in the type of BCA under consideration (including the expertise of the applicant), in the regulation of BCAs and experience in the use of this scheme (or related schemes for pest risk analysis).

The DSS does not cover import into confinement facilities for research purposes, for which guidance is provided in EPPO Standard PM 6/1 (EPPO, 1999) First import of exotic biological control agents for research under contained conditions.