Molecular Plant-Microorganism Interactions

SIPaV Working Groups
Established as Working Group of “Plant Physiopathology” in Rome in 2001, updated its name as “Molecular Plants-Microorganism Interactions” in 2009.The aim is to promote study and research on the physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of the interactions between phytopathogenic microorganisms or abiotic stress factors and plants. 

The research activities of the group are interdisciplinary and mainly concern: 

    • alteration of physiological processes in diseased plants; 
    • the genetic and molecular bases of pathogenesis and resistance; 
    • metabolites produced by phytopathogenic microorganisms and metabolic responses of plants; 
    • the mechanisms by which environmental and/or biotic factors can affect plant- phytopathogenic microorganism interactions. 
The Working Group is chaired by a National Coordinator assisted by five Members. The current Coordinator is Prof. Felice Scala ([email protected]). Main activity of the Working Group was the organization of five editions of the School in Plant Physiopathology
    • May 2002 - Lucca (LU)
    • June 2004 - Lucca (LU)
    • June 2006 - Lucca (LU)
    • June 2010 - Lamezia Terme (CZ)
    • June 2013 - Pieve Tesino (TN)
For the Pieve Tesino (school site) meeting, SIPaV has made a contribution to the worthiest students.In 2007 the Working Group contributed to the organization of the 13th IS-MPMI International Congress in Sorrento, which registered 1245 participants from 59 countries.