Phytoplasma diseases

SIPaV Working Groups
The “Phytoplasma diseases” Working Group was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Dr. Marina Barba, with the aim of upgrading the scientific community and industry practitioners on various aspects of the issues related to these major diseases.

Objective pursued through the organization of the conference called “National Meeting on Phytoplasmas and Phytoplasma Diseases”. The meeting held in Udine in 1999 for the first grouped together of all those who deal with this subject at national level, both in research and experimentation, regulatory application, and technical assistance.

The following editions were held in Udine, Parma, Rome, Milan, Ancona, Bologna, Grugliasco (TO) (2017). The Acts of the Conferences of some editions are available on-line.

The current Coordinator is Prof. Alberto Alma (a[email protected]).