Academic Spin-off
Name: PhyDia s.r.l.

Company headquarter: Via San Camillo De Lellis

City: Viterbo

Host University: University of Tuscia


E-mail: [email protected]

By virtue of accreditation granted by the Region of Lazio (determination n° G06866 May 9, 2014), PhyDia is able to release certified test reports about the diagnosis, detection and identification of all the classes of harmful plant parasites, such as bacteria, fungi, insects, viruses, viroids, phytoplasmas, mites and nematodes, of fruiting trees, vegetables, ornamental and related propagating material, as provided by DD.MM 14/04/1997 and D. lgs. 151/2000.

Thanks to the technical and structural characteristics of the laboratory, PhyDia has been authorized to conduct experimentation and research activities on Quarantine pathogens. PhyDia routinely carries out analysis to verify the varietal compliance using the most advanced techniques. PhyDia conduct Experimental activities on behalf of private companies. PhyDia in addition organize technical training courses and collaborates with private companies to provide chemical and microbiological analyzes of water, plants, soil and food.