Forest Pathology

SIPaV Working Groups

Coordinator: Prof. Salvatore Moricca (UniFi; [email protected])

Secretary: Prof. Paolo Gonthier (UniTo; [email protected])

The “Forest Pathology” Working Group, originally denominated “Diseases of Forest Plants and Trees”, was established in 1998, with the coordination of Prof. Francesco Moriondo. The current denomination was established in 2010. The aim of the Working Group was to encourage the growth of many young researchers who have been approaching Forest Pathology in recent years through:

    • a list of researchers working in the field of pathology of forest and ornamental trees and research aspects in this field;
    • coordination of research activities;
    • drawing up common research projects;
    • the organization of periodic meetings.
In this respect, the Working Group has distinguished itself for:
    • the organization of two national conferences “Health aspects and management of forestry heritage” (Florence 1999) and “The endophytism of fungus and pathogenic bacteria in tree and shrubs” (Tempio Pausania 2002);
    • participation in projects of national interest;
    • the publication of internationally available volumes, both by the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences: “Decline of oak species in Italy: problems and perspectives”; “Endophytism in forest trees”;
    • the publication of the book Forest Pathology Elements, Patron Publisher, Bologna, 432 pp. 2009 (edited by Capretti P., Boys A.);
    • the organization of the Summer School of “Eco-pathology of Forest Systems” (Vallombrosa, FI, 2012), held by researchers of various disciplines and experts from the Ministry and the State Forestry Corps, and supported economically by SIPaV.
The group’s responsibility went to Prof. Alessandro Ragazzi, and for a short period of time to Prof. Giovanni Nicolotti. The current coordinator is Prof. Antonio Franceschini ([email protected]).