Academic Spin-off
Name: Linfa s.c.a.r.l.

Company headquarter: Porto Salvo Zona Industriale

City: Vibo Valentia

Host University: University of Napoli - Federico II


E-mail: [email protected]

Linfa is a non-profit “società consortile”, founded following Public Bodies, such as Universities, and Private Companies will, working in Research, Education and Technological Innovation field. It has been established in response to the Call published by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with D.D. n.713/Ric., 29 ottobre 2010, aiming at the foundation of High Technology Districts and Aggregations and Public-Private Laboratories.

The Company has the objective to promote excellence activities in scientific and technological field, to encourage investments in high technology production fields, to mutually contribute to the techno-scientific skills of its Associates and to strengthen the South, national and international research systems. Its background is founded on the strong technological, industrial, economic and productive experience of its charter members: Linfa has a great experience in several projects oriented to the scientific progress, to the applicative research sharing and to internationalization, high education and territorial development.

LINFA main intervantion areas can be summarized as follows:

    • Research
    • Education/Training
    • Innovation and Technology Transfer
    • Internationalization
    • Communication
    • Project Management