Academic Spin-off
Name: SINAGRI s.r.l.

Company headquarter: Via Giovanni Amendola 165/A

City: Bari 

Host UniversityUniversità di Bari – Aldo Moro


E-mail: [email protected]

SINAGRI s.r.l. is an advanced service company for rural development, innovation and technology transfer in agriculture – Spin off of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” - established in 16/04/2012. SINAGRI is an Academic Spin OFF with a delimited responsibility which includes experts with advanced and interdisciplinary scientific competences, acquired by specific research experiences gained at the University of Bari.

The purposes reported by the statute are the following:

      • Supporting to the evaluation activities for the rural regional development program; planning of actions for the protection and the upgrading of the agro-forestry landscape and the water resource management; regional planning aimed to an environmentally sustainable development;
      • Conservation and exploitation of natural and agricultural biodiversity, especially for ancient cultivars of fruit species;
      • Production, typing and traceability of new products and/or improvement of agri-food production by process and product innovation.