Biological characterization and variability in the coat protein gene of an isolate of apricot latent virus

L. Grimová, A. Bazzoni, P. Rysánek, F. Palmisano, M. Zouhar, A. Minafra, V. Savino
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v92i1.20
Virus-free accessions of peach, apricot, cherry and plum were graft-inoculated in 2004 with buds from a peach tree cv. Missour infected by Apricot latent virus (ApLV), then analysed by RT-PCR using a specific primer set. The expected DNA fragment of 200 bp in size was amplified from 33 different Prunus sources, thus extending the woody host range of ApLV to new cultivars of Prunus persica, P. avium, P. armeniaca and, for the first time, to European (P. domestica) and Japanese (P. salicina) plum cultivars. Several peach cultivars and apricot cv. Tirynthos were symptomatic. To determine the best source material for ApLV detection, RTPCR assays were carried out during the growing season. ApLV was homogeneously distributed in flowers, leaves, petioles, barks and fruits of peach and apricot but was detected only in the leaves of cherry and plum. The genetic variability of the ApLV coat protein gene from graft-inoculated hosts and comparable sequences from databases ranged between 63.5 and 100%.