R. Alkowni, M. Chiumenti, A. Minafra, G.P. Martelli
doi: 10.4454/JPP.V97I2.034
A virus disease of fig (Ficus carica) known as fig mosaic (FM) is widely spread in Palestine, where its severity varies according to the cultivar and the growing area. At least 10 viruses and three viroids have been detected so far in fig trees. This study reports the results of a preliminary survey carried out in Palestine to secure information on the viruses associated with mosaic-infected figs. Samples were collected from scattered trees, fig orchards and nurseries of different areas of central Palestine, where figs are traditionally grown, and tested for the presence of Fig mosaic virus (FMV), Fig latent virus 1 (FLV-1), Fig badnavirus-1 (FBV-1), Fig leaf mottle-associated virus 1 (FLMaV-1) and 2 (FLMaV-2), and Fig cryptic virus (FCV) in addition to Apple dimple fruit viroid (ADFVd). The following viruses. FMV, FBV-1, FLV-1 and FLMaV- 2, were detected by RT-PCR. FBV-1 was the most widespread followed by FMV. The genetic diversity of FMV was assessed by sequencing a fragment from the viral p4 protein, revealing a low divergence from the homologous sequences from GenBank.