Characterisation of polyclonal antibodies raised against two isolates of cucumber mosaic virus

H. Berniak, T. Malinowski, M. Kaminska
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v92i1.35
Antisera were raised in rabbits against two isolates of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), representing groups I (DTL) and II (ToRS). The reactions of these polyclonal antibodies (PAbs) with several CMV isolates were checked, using ELISA, Western blotting and IC-RTPCR. One of the PAbs against isolate M (group I) enabled detection of most of the CMV isolates tested but failed to recognize isolate P26, originating from lily. A PAb against isolate Wic (group II) reacted also with all isolates tested, showing up to 100-fold improvement in detection sensitivity compared with two other CMVspecific PAbs. The coat protein (CP) of CMV isolates belonging to both groups was detected by Western blotting using M and Wic antisera. The suitability of a mixture of PAbs for immunocapturing CMV and for the sensitive detection of all viral isolates tested by IC-RTPCR was also shown.