M. Coatti
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v98i4sup.3783

The sustainability of agriculture depends upon the integration of the various means of production, with the goal of making more efficient the management of agro-ecosystem in terms of the environment and productivity.

Syngenta promotes innovation with the continuous development of solutions for the agricultural sector while main- taining a leading position in the field of investments in Research & Development, the company invests in Italy, 9.3 mil- lion € (R & D) and 4 research stations. Syngenta, a company fully dedicated to agriculture has always paid attention to sustainability in the production of crops. The search for biocontrol is for Syngenta an integral part of this sustainability program, to also meet a specific market demand. In addition to the introduction of new solutions for the protection of plants, Syngenta develops and launches technological innovations and promotes responsible management of crop protec- tion products. For each phase of the product life cycle activities have been developed instructions on transportation, stor- age, application techniques, until disposal of empty packaging, the Guide Lines for a Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products, prepared in collaboration with research institutions, represent a point of reference for the training of farmers. According to the long-term vision of the action program in the field of EU environment, Syngenta has recently launched the project INTERRA® Farm Network: practical and scalable model of virtuous and innovative farms aimed at the sus- tainable management of crop-protection and the protection of natural resources: water, soil and biodiversity.