A. Santori
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v98i4sup.3785

Soil pest management is particularly complicated, especially in protected crop, because several biotic and abiotic fac- tors may favor the soil pest occurrence and, meantime, can influence the efficacy of plant protection adopted strategies.

In the past, several effective active ingredients (e.g. methyl bromide) were available and an “soil adversities eradication” approach was adopted by the growers. More recently, a new “soil adversities managing” approach was proposed due to restriction use of several available active ingredients and thanks to Directive CE128/2009 regarding “sustainable use of plant protection products”. This innovative approach suggests to keep the soil adversities infection level below the damage threshold without soil pest eradication.

Since 2001, a specific integrated soil pest management program, CleanStart®, has been developed by Certis Europe in order to provide several tools for soil adversities control and to guarantee soil fertility.

CleanStart® has been developed thanks a scientific collaboration and information network between Certis and several Universities and Plant Protection Research Centers from several European Countries.

The CleanStart® program is based on comprehensive portfolio of chemical and organic plant protection products, including various fumigants. Their integrated use and their combination with different agronomic tools (e.g. solarization) provide to the growers the most innovative pest management program.

The CleanStart® program ensures the sustainable use of plant protection products through the promotion of Good Application Practices, technical support to the growers, training to the applicators and Products Stewardship.