E. Paduch-Cichal, M. Bereda
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v99i2.3882
The aim of the present work was to identify allexiviruses (GarMbFV, GarV-A, GarVB, GarV-C, GarV-D, GarV-E, GarV-X and ShVX), carlaviruses (GarCLV, SLV) and potyviruses (LYSV and OYDV) in ornamental plants from the genus Allium. Two groups of tested plants were used. The first group included bulbs of thirteen ornamental species of Allium growing in the Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden, at Powsin. The second group comprised seven other species of Allium as well as three Allium hybrids (cultivars) purchased from a Warsaw retail nursery. Bulb samples were tested by ELISA using antibodies specific for GarCLV, GarV-A, GarV-B, GarV-C, LYSV, OYDV, ShVX, and SLV. The identification of GarMbFV, GarV-D, GarV-E and GarV-X in bulbs was performed by RT-PCR. The RT-PCR confirmed the ELISA detection of GarV-B in A. caeruleum and ShVX in A. vineale. GarV-D was found in A. fistulosum. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of GarV-D in A. fistulosum and ShVX in A. vineale. Moreover, GarV-B was detected in A. caeruleum for the first time in Poland.