Genetic characterization by reppcr of myanmar isolates of rhizoctonia spp causal agents of rice sheath diseases

S.S. Aye, M. Matsumoto
doi: 10.4454/jpp.v92i1.40
Sheath disease of rice is one of the major constraints of rice production in Myanmar. Forty-four isolates of Rhizoctonia solani, 30 isolates of R. oryzae and 29 isolates of R. oryzae-sativae were recoverd from diseased samples collected from three different regions of Myanmar namely, Mandalay, Pyinmana and Hmawbe. Repetitive- element Polymerase Chain Reaction (Rep-PCR) was conducted using the BOXA1R and ERIC2 primers separately and a combined dendrogram was constructed for the isolates on the basis of the different fingerprint patterns generated by each primer. Two types of R. solani AG1, two types of R. oryzae and three types of R. oryzae-sativae were differentiated by rep-PCR amongst the analyzed isolates. The results indicate the presence of genetically diverse populations of R. solani, R. oryzae and R. oryzae-sativae in Myanmar.